Tokenomics and Use Of Token


Use of Token

ODIN token will be used as the currency transfer between the parties using ODIN smart contracts. There will be several smart contracts depending on the services. ODIN fees' portion will be separated into multiple designated parts where funds will be used (maintenance, infrastructure, marketing, burn).
→ Portfolio Management Token will be used to purchase premium reports regarding user's portfolio, premium data exports, such as complex excel sheets, or API endpoints for user's portfolio access.
Portfolio Services Payments
→ CEX and DEX Copy-Trading Custom ODIN smart contract will be developed for copy-trading for ODIN platform's users. Commission fees for traders, who are completing trades, will be delivered using the ODIN token. If trades are completed in other type of currency, commissions will be swapped using DEX liquidity pools and delivered in the currency of ODIN token. There will be no ODIN fees for this functionality.
Copy-Trading Fees Process
→ Education and Social Network for Traders Inside ODIN Education and Social Network the token will be used for paid content payments. Those payments shall be transferred through smart contracts and delivered to certain parties.
Education and Social Network Payments
→ Market Analytics Premium market analytics and predictions that are made using our AI and ML models will be purchasable using ODIN Token.
Market Analytics Payments
→ Algo-Trading Inside the platform every strategy will be represented using a specific NFT token that every user can keep as their own, and present it to the community. If a user decides to make his strategy public, other users will be able to lock assets to be traded using provider's designed algorithm and the publisher shall receive their predefined commissions.
Algo-Trading Fees Process