The Solutions

ODIN Platform

Platform solutions will be integrated one into each other to be user friendly and easy to understand. ODIN platform will be available cross-platform with web and mobiles applications. ODIN platform will consist of these modules:
→ Portfolio Management Using ODIN portfolio management users will be able to set up all their Centralised exchanges via API's and Decentralised wallet to track all their trades in one place. Portfolio management will be able to track their positions, P&L, trading history, statistics and will be provided with high detail analytics on their trades. Traders using our application will be able to share their trades and performance reports to attract additional investments or just to show how they doing and ask for suggestions. This high detail trader journal will help trader to make a big step forward into making better trades. Besides automated solutions that will import all traders actions and make visible it is also will be possible to make notes for every trade (entry notes, exit notes and other).
Besides these functionalities we will help traders by allowing them to set certain alerts for their positions, price movements or news.
→ CEX & DEX Copy Trading ODIN Copy Trading will allow users to publish their trades to be tracked. This tracking will allow other members to copy their trades not only on Blockchain using Wallet-To-Wallet trading, but also using Centralized exchanges. This will provide a wide possibility for users to take advantage of leveraged trading to increase their profits.
→ Education & Social Network for Traders Using ODIN Education & Social network will connect traders into one platform to help find like minded people and spread their ideas. Users will be able to share content like (Articles, Stores, Posts, Technical analysis, etc). Besides that every trader will have their public profiles and will be provided with their own personalised landing page where user can set up what they would like to share their content and also their trading history.
Users in ODIN Education & Social network will be able to find or become a mentor via our platform within few simple steps. Platform will help to pick a best mentor via rating system and wide visibility of traders actions (their trades performance, shared content, etc).
Besides education and socialising users will be able to sell their signals about a market.
→ Market Analytics ODIN platform will provide market reports gathering data from the blockchain and centralised exchanges like – market inflows, outflows, long & short ratios, market volatility, social networks sentiments, and news media sentiments, social trends, coins and assets comparisons, whale monitoring, novel metrics, and other. Price analysis views via volume ticks not only standard timeframes - this type of charts are used in High frequency trading, AI and ML models and also in other algo-trading solutions.
Besides required market reports we will include price prediction models that will be predicting upcoming price changes for this functionalities we will be using "Long Short Term Memory" artificial recurrent neural network architecture. LSTM are currently used in the market to predict time based future values.
Our reports will also includes predicted entry points that will be generated by our Reinforced learning machine learning model.
→ Algo Trading Environment We will provide in-house institutional-grade execution engine that will execute your trades within milliseconds and will provide high-availability. Users will be able to use our algo trading solution with simple drag&drop solution where it will be easy to create your algorithm on conditions for your strategy. Besides that solution will provide all full report on trades executed and conditions that initiate trade to allow users to improve strategy and performance. Users after creating their own trading algo will receive NFT token that will represent it. If they decide to make it public it will be available for all users to use that algo, commission fee will be delivered to algo provider. Structure of fee will be configurable by user.