The Problems Targeted

For Traders

→ Portfolio Management It is frustrating to manage all assets from multiple places. As currently traders do use Centralized and Decentralized exchanges at the same time. Most portfolio managers does not allow users to track their trades - they only provide assets value and does not provide in depth details about trade history.
→ Education Courses / Mentors Currently in the financial market many influencers and mentors are sharing their knowledge via their own build channels or platforms like Patreon. It is very hard to evaluate if those courses are good as most of them are using monetized reviews and mostly marketing teams representing them.
→ Social Network Currently traders are gathering to existing popular social platforms e.g. Telegram, Discord, Reddit and others groups to share their various ideas, technical analysis or insights about the financial market. It is rather difficult to find a suitable group to join as most of them require approvals or paid memberships.
→ Copy-Trading Currently all copy-trading solutions in the financial market offer ability to copy-trade only via DEX exchanges.
→ Market Analytics In order to get access to in-depth data analytics of the specific market traders have to use many platforms where most of them offer insufficient information. It becomes exceedingly time-consuming to develop a broader view for further decision-making.

For Mentors

→ Knowledge Sharing Presently for mentors to be able to share their knowledge it requires a platform for that. Without any skills in software development it is difficult or expensive to develop one.
→ Targeted Audiences It is expensive and hard to get targeted audiences for Mentors trading content sharing, it may need a whole marketing team to build and support such a project.

For Algo-Trading

→ Market Data It is difficult, time-consuming and expensive to gather all required data for algo-trading as the algorithm might need various types of sources (Prices Changes, Market Sentiments, Twitter posts, Latest news).
→ High-Availability services It is hard and expensive to set up system that can process and place orders within couple of milliseconds.
→ Lack of skillset For many traders it is nearly impossible to set up top-notch algorithm because it requires many type of skills like - Artificial intelligence understanding, software development and hosting.