ODIN Platform Overview

What is ODIN Platform?

ODIN Platform Every Traders Homepage - we are aiming to provide a new homepage for every trader with an easier access to the most essential data for every available trading routine. We want to help traders to improve, share and collect knowledge, find like-minded people and lastly earn extra money. Whenever you need to find the latest information about the market's movements, latest news or share your own experience knowledge, and even if you want to track your portfolio and build algo-trading bots, ODIN platform is here to satisfy you.

For Traders

ODIN Platform provides unique abilities for traders to manage and track their assets from multiple exchanges and blockchain wallets inside one simple and easy-to-use platform. Portfolio management covers all traders' needs regarding their positions, trades history and performance. This allows traders to analyze and improve their decisions and find better trading strategies. Besides that, ODIN platform helps every trader by gathering all required market data into one place: news, market analytics and other useful insights. Furthermore, ODIN's Social and Educational network grants in-depth knowledge and opinions from other traders with unique ability to share it. Moreover, the platform encourages traders to take the extra mile by participating in trading tournaments where the best traders can compete and, thus, receive achievements and rewards. Finally, if you are ready to sell your trades portfolio via copy-trading, ODIN platform helps you achieve those goals.

For Mentors

Most traders in their journeys to success come to a point, when they want to share their experience and gain additional income in the process. For this purpose, ODIN platform provides top-notch solutions for mentors to share their knowledge via our Social and Educational network. It doesn't matter whether it is paid or free content, ODIN platform has it covered. The platform imparts a possibility to share various forms of content, like educational videos, articles or posts, extensively to a targeted audience. Furthermore, ODIN suggests subscription-based content like mentorship programs, signal sales, copy-trading and others. Everything in a singular easy-to-use ODIN platform.

For Algo-Trading

If a trader is already experienced and proficient in algo-trading, or only pondering such opportunity, ODIN platform is here to assist. ODIN provides high availability API endpoints that includes all financial market data which is potentially necessary to develop and set up the best possible algo-trading module. Data is gathered and empowered from all possible sources from the market. Besides the evaluation data about price movements, ODIN delivers endpoints for market sentiment reevaluation, financial news and more. If one has never tried algo-trading, ODIN platform basically provides it as a service. Here every trader with basic trading and IT knowledge will be able to set their algorithm for his/her unique strategy with our Drag and Drop solution.