ODIN is proud to take part in the ongoing transference from floor trading to fully-compatible digital trading. The digital transformation has reduced the costs of engaging in international trade and helped to diffuse ideas and technologies and connect a greater number and businesses globally. Even though it has never been easier to engage in the international markets, the adoption of new business models has given rise to more complex international trade transactions and policy issues.
The process of further and further digitalisation increases the scale, scope and speed of trading. It lets various business participants, especially the smaller/more individual ones to dramatically increase the use of previously too complex innovative digital tools to overcome barriers for growth, helping facilitate payments, enabling collaboration, avoiding investment in fixed assets through the use of cloud-based services, and using alternative funding mechanisms such as crowdfunding.
The increasing numbers of online platforms has led to the growing quantity of small amounts of a certain asset being sold across international borders. Correlatively, new technologies and business models are changing how assets circulate and are being supplied, blurring already grey distinctions between various financial asset forms and modes of delivery. Evidently, together, these developments pose new challenges for the way international digital trade and investment policy is made.
ODIN establishes a business model with unique properties for further developmental evolution in the field of technology ease-of-use. Further need for concentrating all the financial operations, the relevant financial data and news, sharing and experiencing the growth of any particular trading business model with one's peers is apparent. ODIN descends as an answer to the surplus of complexity when participating in cryptocurrency trading and the need of managing of one's financial aspirations in a singular unique hub.
While cryptocurrencies, as assets, outperform every other asset tremendously in the past 8 years, ODIN ensures the possible further financial diversification of a potential trader. With this in mind, ODIN provides a state-of-the-art technology and five integrated modules within for every rising demand of the newly established trader.
The purpose for this white paper is to disclose and clearly define the service offered by ODIN platform.